Avocados (oil on canvas; 11x14")


My subject matter largely comes from the natural world around me, from the gardens, fields, and woods of southern Ontario to the shores of the Bruce Peninsula and the forests of Northern Ontario. Niagara’s fruit stands provide me with a bounty of colourful models in summer, while well-stocked produce aisles provide some of the non-local subjects. 

I have been working with acrylic paints for over twenty years and moved into oils and linoprints in 2017. The luminous nature of oil paints has been the predominate influence on my interest in botanical and landscape painting. 

My artistic practice has included a variety of mediums over the years, including textiles, photography, and printmaking. These experiences contribute to my paintings—for example, colour and texture from working with textiles, light and composition from my photography, and line and motion from my printmaking.

I believe that every artist has a unique perspective on the world and that our world needs the beauty of art more than ever. It is my hope that by sharing my art with the world, it will encourage others to find the beauty in the world around them—even when, especially when, that beauty is as simple as sunlight on a lemon. 

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Bruce Peninsula, acrylic on panel, 12 x 16″