At A Snail’s Pace

Spring is coming, even if it does seem to be at a snail’s pace! I was so excited to discover this tiny little guy on a mild rainy day earlier this week. I saw him crawling along the curb as I walked to work in the morning. There is also a robin living near our building; I hear his (or her?) bird song when heading in or out. Last night he was singing his heart out and it echoed around the parking lot in the sunset-pink air.  The world is waking up again– always carry a camera!

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Historic Building: Erland Lee (Museum) Home

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The Lee ( is currently closed to the public, but you can still enjoy the building’s board-and-batten heritage exterior.  I stopped by this evening at the perfect time of day and caught it in the golden light of the setting sun. The house commands an amazing view out over Lake Ontario from the very edge of the Niagara Escarpment.

Tropical Paradise in Niagara Falls

I spent a blustery January day with a friend inside the tropical paradise that is the Bird Kingdom at Niagara Falls Aviary.  Not only was it great to escape an icky winter day, but it was also a great opportunity to experiment with various camera settings. Learning the ins and outs of this photography thing is going to take a long time, but fortunately the process is fun and cheap. Bird Kingdom is a fantastic place to visit, with two aviaries (a small one for small birds and then a huge one planted with tropical plants for larger birds). The birds, of course, are wild, but there is a gallery where you can see and pose with a variety of birds and reptiles. I loved holding the silk-smooth yellow python and petting the very sedate iguana, Ferdinand.

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National Geographic Photos

I haven’t had a lot of time to do much photography in the past month, unfortunately, so I’ve been perusing the National Geographic for interesting desktop wallpapers. There are so many amazing photos! Check it out at Enjoy!

Downy Woodpecker

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This little fellow was busy in the apple tree outside my bedroom window while I was home at the farm. He has obviously found a very tasty snack bar, for the snow all around the tree was littered with little bits of bark. For almost as long as I can remember, my mom has fed the birds during the winter. Both cats and humans enjoy watching the blue jays, cardinals, goldfinches, juncos, chickadees, mourning doves, woodpeckers and others as they feast on sunflower seeds and corn outside the large picture window. I feel a little guilty bringing my cat back to my place, where the basement window affords a view of only a concrete pad, a little grass and the occasional squirrel or stray cat. My goal for 2011 is to move above ground where both Muggs and I can enjoy sunny windows again– and perhaps even have space for a bird feeder.


A Tree for All Seasons

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I read a quote once about standing in the same place and watching the seasons pass. It was by Monet, I believe, in reference to his many paintings of his water garden at Giverny. I wish I could find that quote again, as it has been very influential. I love choosing a tree or building and photographing it as it changes throughout the year.

I vaguely remember my father planting this short row of trees when I was a child.

Dreaming of Sunflowers

It’s been overcast and trying to snow with that annoying pellety-shaped snow that just blows around. I much prefer the big fluffy flakes. When I left the office tonight at 8 the temperature had risen and with it the wind. I suspect it will warm up just enough to turn the snow to slush and then freeze it all again. Such is life in the Banana Belt of Ontario. I really do think I would prefer to live somewhere where winter just comes and stays, instead of waffling like this. At any rate, even if the weather were nice enough to be outside, I’m still stuck inside finishing a paper on depictions of Medea in Roman elegy. It’s interesting enough, but I’m ready to be done.

SO, since summer seems oh, so far away in the past, I thought I would share some of my favourite bug photos from this past summer. Enjoy!

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