Consciousness Raising: SCS Toronto 2017 – o pietas animi

The 2017 meeting of the Society for Classical Studies that took place from Jan. 5th-8th in Toronto had a common thread running through it: a growing interest among classicists to engage wider audie…

(Source: Hannah Čulík-Baird  Consciousness Raising: SCS Toronto 2017 – o pietas animi)

I found this in my Twitter feed this morning! Hannah Čulík-Baird has written a summary of a conversation that took place during the AIA/SCS annual conference.

Remember I was just blogging about my conflicting feelings about not being there? Turned out, thanks to Twitter, I was still a part of the conversation! Not only was MythTakes briefly mentioned in a panel (unbeknownst to me), but by picking up on the #aiascs hashtag at the right time, I joined the conversation about podcasting Classicists. This is a perfect example of the power of Twitter to widen conversations!

It’s also a very important conversation and I have more thoughts on it that I plan to work out here, but for now, please enjoy Hannah’s post!

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