Muggs, in her sixteenth year, passed away unexpectedly but peacefully with assistance of the vet on Tuesday, Nov. 26.

Born May 25, 2004 to a distinguished line of barn cats, Muggs is predeceased by her mother, Little Chubs, and two litter mates. Very early in her life, Muggs left rural farm life with her human to preside over a series of city apartments.

Muggs took the provision for and protection of her human very seriously, spending countless hours of the day and night watching for potential threats from errant birds and squirrels. She was highly trained in culinary arts, examining nearly every molecule of food consumed by her human for fifteen years. Her own refined palate was partial to delicacies including butter, Cheese Whiz, cereal milk, and tuna fish water.

True to her distinguished breeding, Muggs was a consummate hunter known for spending countless hours outside on her rope stalking bugs and microscopic prey. Despite her best efforts, which included bringing three live mice to her human in the course of one night (c. 2006), Muggs was unable to train her human in the finer points of hunting and this family trait dies with her.

In her free time, Muggs enjoyed gardening and communing with nature. She was particularly skilled in pruning grasses and houseplants, birdwatching, and hiding under bushes.

Among her lesser known talents was her skill as a visual artist, creating innovative masterpieces in acrylic, oil and digital media using her paws and fur on a variety of surfaces. She also experimented with textile arts and left her own mark on homemade baking from time to time.

Often misunderstood as aloof, high strung and anxious, Muggs was very affectionate with her human on her own terms. She was particularly concerned with her human’s rest and relaxation and dedicated endless hours to sitting on top of her human and human’s work. She was learned in both Greek and Latin, having spent hours with those texts. In her downtime, she relaxed with TV shows such as Bondi Vet and Great British Baking Show.

Muggs is very sadly missed and fondly remembered by her human, who extends a special thank you to the team at Garden City Cat Hospital for their excellent care and kindness during a very difficult process. Private internment at the farm. In lieu of flowers, she has requested that all humans give their kitties extra snuggles and treats in her memory.

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